The Most Advanced Robotic Hand

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7 Responses

  1. imee says:

    This is not enough to play well?
    But Good to Play…!

  2. jason says:

    now one hand that can mimick soon tha whole body that can mimick and them they’ll take over and mimick our lives

  3. yaameee says:

    jason: i dont think the human race will build a robot, wich they know can take over our lives…
    imee:talkin bout masturbatin?!?

  4. mamun says:

    its a nice invitation,i think i will done future something

  5. sarath says:

    great job..
    its one step closer to make a perfect robot…

  6. albertvesker says:

    wow it so high teghnologic ooooooooo’

  7. griffin says:

    This is so beautiful . if you could please send me the teqnic of making sth like this.i really interested in doing engeneering things like robot . please help me by giving more facts about robotes because i am sure that i could be the best one of robot makers in the future . thanks

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