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Creating Universal Blood 0

Creating Universal Blood

Scientists discovered a way to convert the blood type A, B and AB to O which can be transfused to anyone. Bacterial enzymes are used to remove the A and B antigens from the...

Alzheimer’s Vaccine Effective on Mice 0

Alzheimer’s Vaccine Effective on Mice

According to a Reuters article, Japanese researchers at Nagoya University and others developed an Alzheimer’s vaccine has shown to be effective in mice. Small scale human trials is hoped to start this year.

Inkjet Bone Repair 0

Inkjet Bone Repair

Scientists at the University of Manchester are currently working on a method to use inkjet nozzles to spray human cells. The cells would be the harvested from the patient and then grown to prevent...

Bioengineering a Mouse with Human Brain Cells 0

Bioengineering a Mouse with Human Brain Cells

A Stanford University researcher has gotten a preliminary go-ahead to create a mouse with a significant number of human brain cells — as long as the creature behaves like a mouse, not a human.

BrainGate Neural Interface System 1

BrainGate Neural Interface System

Cyberkinetics Inc has begun government approved human testing of an implant to the human brain: The System consists of a sensor that is implanted on the motor cortex of the brain and a device...

How to Extract DNA at Home 7

How to Extract DNA at Home

The Genetics Learning Center at the University of Utah features a tutorial on ‘How to Extract DNA from Anything Living’. All it takes is 3 easy steps and you can do it at home!